Machinery and equipment for cleaning parts, centrifuge.
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Bergamo, Yaroslavl, a new leap in the field of industrial surface treatment.


Tuesday, March 31, guests of a new exhibition on the street Lunga, Giovanni P.A.Bonfil - Chairman Federfinitura - and Valery Lavrov - Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the Yaroslavl region of Russia - signed a new agreement designed to remove some obstacles to economic and cultural relations between Italy and Russia.

"The possibility of establishing direct trade links is crucial in this encounter, which I hope will be accepted by all of its strategic value, higher than in its immediate expectations"

Mutual agreement of a global nature.Special understanding of the need to increase in the learning process, in order to break down many of the foundations associated with the East European countries.The first part of the "doll" is an agreement between Pietro Luigi Kavallotti - President AIFM, the Italian Association of Metal Finishing and Giovanni II.A.Bonfil - President Federfinitura, ANDI Italian producers and users of equipment, facilities and technologies for surface finishing.

revolutionary content of the new agreement is a statement of the concept of "special associativity."But this should not be construed as an attempt to monopolize the market for industrial finishes, on the contrary, as an intention aimed at creating cooperation, in support of its members in the field of research - from IAMO - and with commercial support Federfinitura.

The first fruits were collected on Tuesday 31 March, when Valery Lavrov - President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Yaroslavl region of Russia, during his visit to the new exhibition center in the street Lunga with other members of the delegation - "publicly" signed an agreement with the president of the association Bonfil, revealing the second part of the "dolls".Signed, fixed a warm handshake will Federfinitura represent, in certain sectors of the Yaroslavl Chamber of Commerce, while the latter will represent the Italian Association of Russia.

The aim is very simple:facilitate direct contacts between our businessmen and entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe."The economic development - adds Bonfil president - is mutual knowledge.This question will be obvious to all entrepreneurs who want to have any dealings with the markets in the East.In reality, yet are essential mediators and Import-Export Agency, it was almost impossible to speak to technical staff, the information is transmitted is always processed in a commercial style, often translated not by specialized personnel.In this case vozrostali difficulties in understanding, creating obstacles to business development.

Opportunity - The President continues to Federfinitura - to have direct contacts, is of great importance to this meeting, which I hope will be accepted by all of its strategic importance, even more than in its immediate expectations ".Speaking, however, already on the results, the first accomplishment of the association is something that would allow - together with economic and operational management of the entrusted to the exhibition on behalf of Stefano PROMOBERG Christina - to organize an event in Yaroslavl in the near month of September.We are concerned with the event, titled "Surface Expo Italy", which will be held on the territory of Bergamo from 2010, is the third - and final - part of the dolls."We want to organize - concluded Christine - an important event sector in order to become a powerful tool for development of production in Italy.We can all put our best know-how, even in terms of strictly associative.
There are opportunities to expand horizons, but at the same time, there is still a strong attachment to the territory.The overall goal is in full compliance with the agreements, just to piss:engage in the estimation of the possibility of using local issues at the international level ".After a period of promise, the next day we went to Action.Visit of delegation in fact continued in the next twenty four hours, due to the phase - even more specific, the real business contacts.Were reached new agreements and established new partnerships with some of the largest members of the "Made in Bergamo."" Mandatory "phase were visited Technology Park Kilometro Rosso, plant pots Agnelli di Lallio and - in the afternoon - Persico di Nembro.It's just time to say that for my part, "Russian friends" - as they are called by the President Bonfiglio - already seems to have realized the potential of the business sector Bergamo.Equally Italian businesses are guarantees made by the signed agreement and therefore are willing to establish direct business contacts with enterprises of the Yaroslavl Region.