Machinery and equipment for cleaning parts, centrifuge.
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Machinery and equipment for cleaning parts, centrifuge.


The company produces Bonfiglio washing and centrifugal machines, mostly for the engineering industry. Technology allows you to wash cycle times with a fully closed circuit, preferably using aqueous solutions of detergents. This is possible through self-cleaning sites that allow you to use the same water for many months. Washing machines used to clean Bonfiglio pretreated metal surfaces, ie for parts produced on machines with the removal of chips and / or deformation. A variety of forms and details of options for filing, specific requirements for the duty cycle are being resolved in different models of cars produced by this firm Lombard. Bonfiglio also produces an extensive range of automatic centrifuge capacity from 100 to 6000 kg / hour, and they are used to trap oil and to clean small parts, as well as chips.